Professional Weather Stations

PRO is the new-generation weather station for professional use that combines reliability, performance and simplicity.


The MeteoSense PRO weather station collects data from a large range of compatible sensors, thanks to its flexible, modular architecture, which allows expansion of data inflows.
Data collected and stored locally on micro SD cards (with capacity for years of data) can be transmitted in real time either to our LiveData cloud portal or to data management systems supplied by the customer.
The data logger is available both in an embedded version, specifically optimised for low-energy operation and therefore suitable for use with limited electricity supply (e.g. solar power), and with the Linux operating system, which implements all the main protocols and data formats and allows where necessary the use of software designed specifically for the application.
Data transmission is via mobile units, available in the embedded version with 2G/LTE (NBIoT) connectivity and CAT M1 as standard, and via external routers with the inbuilt LAN interface.



Netsens MeteoSense PRO weather stations are designed for professional use in all settings, and can be configured to support a wide range of sensors.
The LiveData Cloud portal brings together all the data in a single modern interface, also available as an app, creating a local monitoring infrastructure that’s flexible and modular, and benefiting from Netsens’ two decades of experience with major installations both in Italy and abroad.






An important application of our MeteoSense PRO stations is related to the measurement of the level of basins and watercourses, and to the measurement of the piezometric level. The flexibility of our product allows you to use different detection technologies (Radar, Differential pressure, etc.) adapting to the specific application context, and also to combine specific sensors for measuring the chemical-physical characteristics of the water (e.g. temperature, conductivity, pH, flow rate, etc.), very useful in particular for complying with the regulations related to withdrawals from thermal springs.
For scenarios linked to the prevention of hydrogeological disasters, MeteoSense PRO can be configured to generate alarm signals based on certain events, with local activation even in the absence of remote connectivity.





Communication interface: 2G/4G/LAN
Power supply: 20W solar kit with integrated electronic battery charger (Embedded version), or from the 220V mains
Local configuration interface: USB
Operating System: Linux (optional)
IP66 steel cabinet (on request)

Compatible weather and environmental sensors:
Rain gauge (rain intensity and accumulation), with optional heater
Anemometer (wind intensity and direction), traditional or ultrasonic
Air temperature and relative humidity, dew point, frost risk
Solar radiation (pyranometers, albedometers, net radiation sensors, solar trackers, etc.)
Atmospheric pressure
Visibility sensors
Present Weather sensors (visibility and liquid/solid precipitations)
Water level sensors
Conductivity, flow and pH sensors

Installation accessories
Installation pole: modular poles from 3 to 10 meters, with installation accessories. Including accessories for sensor installation, in anodized aluminum and steel.
Photovoltaic kit: photovoltaic panel complete with mounting brackets, rechargeable battery and steel housing;
Power supply: for connection to the electricity grid (optional, as an alternative to the photovoltaic kit)