Sustainable viticulture

With VineSenseIot your company can at last handle vineyard management in an intelligent and sustainable way, with clear economic and environmental benefits.


VineSense IoT is a solution already adopted by over 1,000 of the most prestigious Italian winemakers. The system’s flexibility means it can be used by estates with tens or hundreds of hectares of vineyards, and by wineries, consortia and producers’ associations. A central station, equipped with the main weather and climate sensors (rain, wind, solar radiation, atmospheric pressure) is surrounded by a number of wireless IoT units with microclimate sensors (air temperature and humidity, leaf wetness, soil humidity etc); the wireless IoT units are installed in the rows at a rangeup 8 km from the central hub; they work without solar panels or electricity, making installation very simple.
This considerably reduces purchase and running costs, which are up to 70% lower than a traditional weather monitoring station.

As well as having all the main weather information at hand (accumulated rainfall, hours of wetness, minimum and maximum temperatures etc), the Netsens LiveData cloud service and its powerful smartphone app contains an advanced decision support system (DSS) which gives a 7-day forecast for each unit on the ground of the development of the primary threats (powdery mildew, botrytis, lobesiabotrana), and checks the coverage of products, taking into account for any wash-out caused by rain.



In addition to models for plant protection, VineSenseIot can be configured to provide clear and prompt information for numerous other functions, such as water needs, frost alerts and climate data, along with complete records of all the data collected.
With the newFarm Record Logbookit is also possible to assess weather data in relation to the various stages of plant development, and thus to anticipate predicted seasonal growth.
Lastly, VineSense IoT can be integrated with our irrigation control platform WiSense, creating a comprehensive integrated system for automated irrigation, which is increasingly used in vineyards, due to the ongoing climate change.





Communication: 2G/4G/LAN
Power supply: 20W solar panel kit with embedded electronic charger, or 220V mains adapter
Configuration interface: USB
Display: LCD 16×2 characters

Weather and environmental sensors:
Rain collector
Wind speed and direction sensor
Air temperature and relative humidity with dew point calculation.
Solar radiation (visible, PAR, UV)
Barometric air pressure

Included installation hardware
Installation pole set: available from 3 to 10 meters. Installation tools for sensors, steel and aluminum.
Solar panel kit: photovoltaic panel complete with mounting brackets, rechargeable battery and steel container;
Power supply unit: for connection to power mains (optional, as an alternative to the photovoltaic kit)



Communication interface: LoRa® 868-915 MHz
Power supply: lithium battery, non rechargeable, 1 to 3 years life
Local configuration interface: USB
Display: LCD 3 characters

Weather and environmental sensors:
Rain collector
Air temperature and relative humidity with dew point calculation.
Leaf wetness (upper and lower leaf wetness)
Soil moisture, temperature and conductivity (up to 4 probes)