Weather sensors

Meteorological and agro-meteorological sensors. All sensors are designed and manufactured in Italy by Netsens, are individually calibrated and tested, using an advanced QRCode-based traceability system.

agro-meteorological sensors

Wireless Weather Sensors For Precision Agriculture – Agriculture 4.0 – Smart Farm

Air temperature and humidity

Our TH Sense 2.0 sensor measures air temperature, relative humidity and dew point, with professional accuracy and a highly competitive price. It comes with a 12-plate radiation shield and serial RS485 transmission, also MODBUS RTU.
Solar radiation sensor

CODE: PS-0085-FF The solar radiation sensor uses a silicon photodiode and features an aluminium casing and a PTFE lens. Supplied with cable and serial RS485 transmission, also MODBUS RTU.
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Leaf wetness

CODE: PS-0061-AD
The E-Leaf leaf wetness sensor allows separate measurement of the upper and lower leaf surfaces; also, thanks to the capacitive function, it is not affected by the chemical substances normally used in agriculture.
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Soil humidity and temperature sensor

CODE: PS-0050-JB
The sensor gives volumetric measurement of soil moisture and converts this into a percentage value, regardless of soil type; it also measures soil temperature. Supplied with cable and serial RS485 transmission, also MODBUS RTU.
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Rain gauge

CODE: PS-0093-BM The Rain Sense Tipping bucket rain gauge is made in ABS with excellent mechanical resistance and features integrated electronics that transform accumulated rainwater into high-resolution electrical impulses. Supplied with a mechanical adjustment system to ensure perfect alignment
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Soil electrical conductivity sensor

CODE: PS-0084-CF The sensor measures electrical conductivity of the soil (Bulk EC) using an innovative system with 4 electrodes. It is temperature-compensated and supplied with cable and serial RS485 transmission, also MODBUS RTU.
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Diameter growth sensor

CODE: PS-0015-LA
The diameter growth sensor (or dendrometer) The diameter growth sensor (or dendrometer) enables micrometric measurement of trunk diameter and calculation of xylematic flow in the plant. Its extreme sensitivity and accuracy ensures reliable measurement of both seasonal and daily variation.
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Meteorological sensor

Professional meteorology, environment and infomobility sensors

Intelligent road sensor

CODE: IS-0047-DC
The RoadSense road sensor guarantees robust and reliable monitoring and data collection on numerous parameters useful for road and highway management: road temperature (surface and depth), condition of the road surface, freezing point, concentration of antifreeze. The sensor has a dedicated control unit (CPU); low energy consumption allows use with solar power.
Air quality sensors

CODE: EN-0021-BK
The AQM system allows an array of sensors to be installed, to detect the concentration of various gaseous substances in the atmosphere. The sensors are electrochemical, infrared, optical or photoionization depending on the compound or particle size to be measured, and can also be installed wirelessly.
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Visibility sensor

CODE: IS-0073-EK
The visibility sensor is based on IR optical measurement, with a highly compact design. It allows reading of horizontal visibility up to 4 km and has serial transmission (RS232 or RS485, with the option of MODBUS RTU protocol).
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Sensor for measuring atmospheric pressure

CODE: PS-0060-AD
The digital barometer is installed inside the main electronic panel of the MeteoSense weather station, with a dedicated static compensator, and gives extremely accurate measurement of atmospheric pressure.
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Visibility and rainfall sensor

CODE: IS-0131-AM
The sensor combines monitoring of precipitation (liquid, solid, mixed) and horizontal visibility, providing a comprehensive representation of current weather conditions. Equipped with serial transmission (RS232 or RS485, with the option of MODBUS RTU protocol).
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