App LiveData

The Netsens LiveData platform handles approximately 500,000 data a hour gathered by our systems in the field, with over 75,000 sensors installed.

LiveData Cloud Platform

The data sent by our sensors are collected, validated and stored using advanced security standards, thus ensuring continuous and reliable operation;
this also relies on an advanced automatic diagnostics system which warns our customer support in case of failures or malfunction.


All the weather stations and IoT units you have access to are shown by satellite mapping, for
instant and intuitive use even for very large and complex networks or farm premises dispersed over
a large area. Every page links to the menu
for customer support, which activates
Netsens customer service.

Rendering is simple and intuitive, thanks
to Netsens’ experience of more than 15 years using state-of-the-art digital tools to consult
data on its systems.
Every page can be displayed
on PCs or smartphones, either Android or iOS.

LiveData is constantly and automatedly updatedthe latest version.

A large number of agriculture-related functions
can be activated: DSS forecasts for plant protection; evapotranspiration and water balance; Farm Record Logbook with crop indexes; frost forecast; local weather forecast for your area.
All agronomic models make maximum use of
IoT technology; in fact, values and forecasts are
calculated from every IoT unit on the ground, not
as the result of a general average.









The platform is accessed from the website or app, with user profiles that may vary according to requirements (e.g. supervisor, external advisor, farm worker etc), even when the IoT system is shared between several companies.
Furthermore, Netsens systems are interoperable with many leading precision agriculture platforms, sharing data automatically by means of specially designed data interfaces (API).

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