Air quality monitoring systems

Netsens AQM systems, based on wireless networks of sensors for industrial environmental monitoring, have advanced technical featuresand guarantee excellent reliable data communication in real time with limited investment.


Netsens was one of the first companies to introduce wireless sensor technology for industrial applications. Communication and sensor technology make installations extremely compact and unobtrusive, even in complex environments such as chemical and petrochemical plants, controlled production plants and critical infrastructure.

The main advantages of the Netsens AQM system are:
• Highly reliable communication and quality of service (QoS).
• A stand-alone installation, scalable and reconfigurable, with wireless connectivity.
• Real-time data collection with sampling intervals of up to 1 minute, and minimal operating and maintenance costs.
• Versatile configuration and support of several types of sensor, with upgrades possible at later stages.

The advanced technical characteristics of our systems make them the ideal product for “early warning” type environmental monitoring systems.
Our AQM systems support various types of sensors, including:

• weather and climate sensors
• gas sensors (VOC, CO2, CO, H2S, NO2, NO, O3, SO2, CH4)
• particulate sensors (PM1 / PM2.5 / PM10)
• water level sensors

Main applications:
• industrial installations
• infrastructure
• hazardous sites and installations
• protected environmental areas




The AQM system is an effective, low-cost solution for the real-time and distributed monitoring of chemical and physical parameters. The sensors are equipped with the most advanced detection technologies (NDIR, EC, PID) for each specific family of gases, and the system contains all the electronic components necessary for operation, processing the signal and transmitting it via TCP/IP on the fixed or mobile network.

The units are fitted with the necessary protection to allow outdoor installation. Sampling happens by forced aspiration via a low-energy pump, which can be adjusted to minimise electricity use for stand-alone installations (with autonomous power supply).

Chemical sensors (up to 8) can be chosen according to specific requirements. Contact Netsens for further information and configuration support.