Weather Stations

MeteoSense 4.0 is the ideal weather and climate monitoring station for precision farming. It is the only 100% Made in Italy product that’s expandable and user-friendly.


MeteoSense 4.0 is the weather station for precision farming that’s reliable and easy to use for all major applications.
It can be completely customised from the standard settings, with sensors for plant protection, the calculation of water needs and soil humidity.
Data collected by MeteoSense 4.0 is automatically sent to our LiveData cloud portal, accessible from PC or smartphone app, which presents information in a clear and understandable way, handles the main agronomic models and keeps a complete record of field data.
Used for over 15 years on hundreds of successful farms, it is the ideal choice for the main precision farming applications: sustainable plant protection and disease control, water saving and soil humidity monitoring. Easy to install and ready to use, it can be configured with the most appropriate sensors and accessories for your needs and, with the decision support systems (DSS) of the LiveData cloud, the station is compatible with the most advanced agronomic requirements. On request, Netsens can provide appropriate certification of legal compliance.



Complete weather and climate monitoring station for agriculture.
Measures rain, wind, temperature, air humidity, atmospheric pressure, solar radiation; options for leaf wetness and soil humidity.

• Access to the LiveData portal via website or app
• Real time data, updated at5-minute rate.
• Up to 7 days weather forecast.
• Farm Record Logbookwith crop and phenological indexes
• Calculation of the crop’s water requirements
• Frost alerts





Weather and climate station with pluviometer and soil humidity, temperature and conductivity sensors
• Measurement of soil humidity and conductivity (fertirrigation)
• Access to the LiveData portal via website or app
• Farm Record Logbookwith crop and phenological indexes
• Up to 7 days weather and evapotranspiration forecast








Weather and climate data from dedicated sensors for forecasting adverse conditions (rain, leaf wetness, temperature, humidity)
• Infection forecasts up to 7 days
• Field diary and treatment regimes
• Estimated wash-out of products
• Daily agriculture and weather report












Communication: 2G/4G/LAN
Power supply: 20W solar panel kit with embedded electronic charger, or 220V mains adapter
Configuration interface: USB
Display: LCD 16×2 characters

Weather and environmental sensors:
Rain collector
Wind speed and direction sensor
Air temperature and relative humidity with dew point calculation.
Solar radiation (visible, PAR, UV)
Leaf wetness (upper and lower leaf wetness)
Barometric air pressure

Included installation hardware
Installation pole set: available from 3 to 10 meters. Installation tools for sensors, steel and aluminum.
Solar panel kit: photovoltaic panel complete with mounting brackets, rechargeable battery and steel container;
Power supply unit: for connection to power mains (optional, as an alternative to the photovoltaic kit).