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Ringraziamo per l'interessante articolo che ci ha dedicato.
Si parla di sostenibilità e risparmio idrico in agricoltura con WiSense 2.0



We are happy to share with you the goal of 15 years of Company's activity, at your service in the field of data collection for the environment, agriculture and industry.
Our experience and knowledge, together with the capability demonstrated over the years to anticipate the evolution of the market, have made us one of the leading companies in the sector. The commitment of all the Company's resources, makes us proud and grateful towards our staff, our collaborators and the many Customers who year after year grow and renew their trust by relying on to our expertise.
In the next year many innovations and new challenges will be presented, as well as new projects and goals will be achieved, with a strong effort to improve the quality and performance of products and the reliability of services.
We invite you to read the attached document which summarizes our history and the goals achieved in these 15 years of activity.


Technical meeting: Actinidia towards climate change

Netsens is a partner of the technical meeting organized by SOI - Italian Society of Italian Orthoflorofruiters - to be held on March 19th in Latina, at the Palazzo della Cultura (Viale Umberto I, 43). During the workshop the intervention of Dr. Vito Buono (Sysman Srl) and Eng. Antonio Manes (Netsens srl) entitled "Innovative technologies for weather / soil monitoring (Agrisense - IoT) and decision support systems (Bluleaf - DSS) for irrigation planning". At this link you can download the complete program.

We are available to provide further information.


Netsens will partecipate to Agriumbria 2019, the 51th edition of one of the most attractive agriculture exhibition in Italy. The fair will be in Bastia Umbria from 29th to 31st March 2019. Netsens equipment will be hosted at Klorofil stand, HALL 8 BOOTH 7.


The Internet of Things (IoT) platform developed by Netsens today allows surveys of the weather, climate and soil parameters within the plots and to use the advanced DSS (Decision Support Systems), at much lower costs than usual solutions. Instead of the traditional control unit there is a single base station shared between users, around which to install single units equipped with all the necessary sensors, on areas of hundreds or thousands of hectares. Using the data collected in one's own appreciation and sharing those of other users, it is possible to have information on the forecast for the development of pests, manage irrigations and map the territory to a large spatial scale, with investments of a few hundred Euros.


L'evento si terrà il prossimo 8 febbraio dalle ore 9.00 nell'aula magna dell'Itcg E Fermi di Pontedera (Pi).
Lo scopo di questo convegno è quello di confrontarsi per capire questo momento delicato da varie angolazioni: analisi dei miglioramenti genetico-varietali, introduzione di innovazioni tecnologiche, studio degli andamenti climatici.
La Netsens parteciperà con un intervento di Antonio Manes -  ore 15.10 - Su l'impiego di strumenti agro-meteorologici per la  viticoltura sostenibile.


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